Blach Middle School Manuel Antonio 2015

Blach Middle School Manuel Antonio Blog #7

This entry was written by Nicholas Kikuta of Blach Middle School

Day 7

We started off today with a breakfast of omelets, pancakes, potatoes, bananas, rice, and orange juice. After breakfast, we took a short walk to Manuel Antonio National Park. Manuel Antonio was a beautiful rainforest with many species of wildlife. We saw different animals ranging from the rare stick bird to monkeys to sloths and even deer. Allan explained to us that the stick bird was a sight to see in the morning because of three factors, the stick bird is nocturnal, the stick bird is a recluse, and the stick bird has the best camouflage in nature. Allan said that the stick bird usually doesn’t make appearances in nature, and it was something that he has seen few times before. After the walk, we were rewarded by a nice view of the beach and time to play in the sand for 30 minutes. After the sand time, we walked back along the trail, spotted some monkeys, and got back on the bus.

We drove for 15 minutes to Ronny’s place, a nice restaurant with a beautiful view over the ocean. We had a selection of nachos (chicken or beef), fajitas (chicken or beef), or salad. Most people chose nachos. After the delicious lunch, we drove for an hour and a half to a place where we previously shopped and ate lunch to shop for souvenirs. After 30 minutes of shopping and drinking free samples of coffee, we left for another hour and a half drive to the capital. Once we arrived, we unpacked, showered, and prepared for our farewell dinner. We arrived at Nuestra Tierra, where we had our final Costa Rican-style dinner of potatoes, meat, salad, vegetables, and rice. We then drove back to the hotel to finally settle in and go to sleep. Unfortunately, tomorrow will be our last day, but we still can’t wait to experience San Jose fully!


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