Scotts Valley High School 2015 Channel Islands Blog #5

This entry was written by Linnea Bird of Scotts Valley High School


The final day we had breakfast and began our journey back to Santa Barbara.  We were all sad that we had to leave and wished we had another day, but at the same time excited to bring our stories and interesting facts back home to our friends and families.

While we were heading back, we witnessed more dolphins swimming with us. This time there were hundreds. They were everywhere jumping and twirling as if they were showing off for us. We even saw baby dolphins that were adorable.

We got one last meal before we got off the boat and I should mention that the food was phenomenal during the entire trip. We then said our goodbyes and thanks to the leaders and ship crew whom we got to know pretty well. We got off the boat, walked over to the train station, and began our long train ride home. In all my life, I had never seen so many beautiful and exciting places and creatures! I hope to again travel through these breathtaking islands to make even more memories and see even more wonderful things.


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