Blach Middle School Manuel Antonio 2015

Blach Middle School Manuel Antonio 2015 Blog #6

This entry was written by Nicholas Kikuta of Blach Middle School

Day 6

whitewater raftingWe started off today with a breakfast at the hotel of rice and beans, eggs, omelets, sausage, beef, and juice. Afterwards, we took a ten-minute drive to a whitewater rafting house, where we transferred to a bus for another 25-minute drive to the Naranjo River (the Orange River). After learning the safety rules and learning the commands, like paddle forward, paddle backwards, or tuck into the raft, we hopped onto the river. It was cold, but refreshing. The theme was teamwork, so every time that we paddled, we wanted to do it synchronized. We went down the river in three boats, one boat of five boys and a guide, one boat of five girls and a guide, an one boat of the three adults and two guides. There were calm parts of the water, but also rapids, where we got wet or got stuck on top of rocks. Mrs. Kane even lost her shoe on one of the rapids, but fortunately it was recovered by a guide on a kayak. It was unbelievably fun, but all good things must come to an end, so we had to finish up. We took a 10-minute drive back to the rafting house where we transferred back to our regular bus and went to lunch.

We had lunch at a pizza place that was built around an old fashioned train. We tried many pizzas including salami, Hawaiian, veggie, and shrimp. A few people like Aaron and Sam ate around 10 pieces each.

After lunch, we went surfing. We first learned to paddle and stand up, then we were sent into the water five people at a time. I got beat up by the waves before finally catching one, but it was worth it. The ride to shore on the wave was exhilarating and fun, though short. After an hour of surfing, we all went into the ocean to play a game where we tried to float over or dive under waves. After a while of playing that game, we had to leave, so we sadly said goodbye to the beach.

When we got back to the hotel, we immediately jumped into the pool for an hour of Marco Polo. Afterwards, we showered and ate a dinner of salad, chicken, pasta, or seafood rice at the hotel. Tomorrow, we will be going to Manuel Antonio for a while to explore the wildlife. We hope that there are monkeys!


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