Scotts Valley High School 2015 Channel Islands Blog #2

This entry was written by Linnea Bird of Scotts Valley High School

The next morning, we started with an early breakfast and then moved on to the Ocean Science Education room for some information on what we were going to do out on the islands and general background details. It felt like we were in the shoes of a college student and got the opportunity to check out what the classrooms are like at UCSB.

The rest of the day we went down to the beach, felt the warm water, and learned even more about fish and organisms from college students themselves. Then we took turns introducing ourselves with “The Name Game” and got to know each other by sharing our hidden talents.

Later that night after dinner, we drove over to downtown Santa Barbara and had a couple hours to explore the wharf and go shopping on State Street. Afterward, we were all back at the boat and went straight to sleep to prepare for the busy days ahead.


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