Santa Cruz High School 2015 Channel Islands Blog #1

This entry was written by Jessica Flores of Santa Cruz High School


The first day we had a six hour long train ride to Santa Barbara and thankfully it was quite spacious with a cafe car that we had access to.  As soon as we got to UCSB, we went to dinner.  For cafeteria food being mass-produced, it was amazing and had a variety of choices – plus it was all-you-can-eat!

Our dorms were on level eight and each room consisted of a bunk, an extra bed, two desks, a closet, and two dressers.  It was similar to a hotel room but instead of having cards to open the rooms we had keys.  Soon after getting settled in for the night, with the pillow and blanket that was provided, we met in the lounge to celebrate Summer-Solstice’s birthday and ask questions about what was in store for us on our journey.  When the meeting drew to a close we were given free time but I decided to go straight to bed so I could rest up for the coming days of fun!


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