Santa Cruz High School 2015 Channel Islands Blog #4

This entry was written by Jessica Flores of Santa Cruz High School


By day four, we were in the rocky waters of Santa Rosa.  After breakfast we went to the beach for an island hike where we saw one of only two torrey pine forests in the United States – absolutely amazing!

By noon we were on our way back to the boat for a hot lunch.  While the Truth relocated us to another part of Santa Rosa, we had free time – most of us slept.  The beach was off-limits to us because it was molting season for the territorial elephant seals who inhabit the island.

Moving onto group activities, my group started at the invertebrates while another group went snorkeling and the third did a plankton tow.  While observing invertebrates, we saw full-grown crabs as well as little baby crabs!  We got to see a sea hare’s purple and poisonous ink which was very cool!  And then word got around that the snorkeling group saw a horned shark while they were out!

Later that night as we headed back to Santa Cruz Island, the sea was harsh as the waves climbed to six feet before crashing down in a spray of mist. The Truth was rocking side to side as the waves clawed at the rapidly darkening sky. Most retired to bed to rest in their warm beds.


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