Santa Cruz High School 2015 Channel Islands Blog #3

This entry was written by Jessica Flores of Santa Cruz High School

We woke up at Albert’s Anchorage, Santa Cruz Island.  The captain had started out for the Island around 3 in the morning to get us there on time.  After having breakfast it was time to get into the ocean for the swim “test” which consisted of swimming around the boat to see if each student was comfortable in the water.

After we got out, we headed to the island on a dinghy and learned of the natives who lived there.  When we reboarded the Truth (which was the name of our boat), we got the opportunity to spin the wheel!  Next, we were split into groups – the first group went snorkeling, the second examined invertebrates, and my group went…..Kayaking!!!  This was my favorite of the three activities but most of the other students enjoyed snorkeling the most.

When rotations were completed and lunch was eaten, we got some free time. Right before dinner I found out the captain had gone scuba-diving and caught a Barracuda (!!) which would be cut up and grilled to go with dinner. It was the best fish I have every had!

The cooks made us dessert and we felt truly spoiled!  We played a fish game to help us identify the fish we would see when we would all go snorkeling again.  And a little later we went to bed to rest up for another action-packed day.

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