Santa Cruz High School 2015 Channel Islands Blog #2

This entry was written by Jessica Flores of Santa Cruz High School


Today was for prep and we learned a ton of awesome information.  After a delicious breakfast we met in the lounge to talk about how to keep our notebooks in order and the information we would need to keep in it.

Next, on the Ecology walk, we learned that the sea floor naturally seeped 10 thousand gallons of oil into the ocean.  This led to a discussion about the recent oil spill in that area and how it impacted the ocean.  Additionally, we were instructed NOT to step on washed-up sea weed because of the likelihood of getting tar on our feet.


Next we visited the R.E.E.F. (the aquarium) which contained countless fish and invertebrates of the surrounding waters.  There were even some octopi!  The sea cucumbers were one of my favorites along with the sharks.  They had two different types of sharks, the horned and the swell.  The swell (my favorite) could fill itself up with water to double its size in order to make it more intimidating but truly it was quite harmless. We were even allowed to hold a baby swell!  It was absolutely adorable!

After lunch we watched a short video about the Channel Islands before we were shown a presentation about the different species of fish we would see.  Dinner was set for 5:30 so I got there by 5:27!  Afterward, we were given free time to entertain ourselves though most of us started packing in preparation for boarding the boat tonight.


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