Blach Middle School Manuel Antonio 2015

Blach Middle School Manuel Antonio 2015 Blog #5

This entry was written by Nicholas Kikuta of Blach Middle School

Day 5

Today, we woke up to a breakfast of eggs, fresh pineapple, rice and beans, and toast. After this well-balanced Costa Rican breakfast, we drove off to the elementary school of Escuela de Los Janos for a donation drop off. When we arrived, we were introduced to the meager 30-40 people at the school and played with them for 30-minutes. During this time, the younger kids divided up and came to us as they wanted.

Community ServiceOne child in particular, named Josephi, asked us to help him build a makeshift slide out of a wooden board and a sloped dirt mound at the perimeter of the school. The slide was a success, and a large line of children formed to try out the makeshift slide. After playing on the slide, Josephi asked us to head over to the cement court to play a game of soccer. After soccer for 10-15 minutes, we were allowed to present our donations to Don Pedro, the principal. After donations, Josephi asked Nick for his hat, so Nick decided to give it to him to help Josephi remember this day.

After the school, we went to eat lunch at a restaurant that served standard Costa Rican lunches, which included salad, potatoes, beans, rice, and a choice of meat: beef, fish, or chicken. After lunch, we took a 3-4 hour drive to the Rainmaker Plantation.

The Rainmaker Plantation was not as much a plantation as a rainforest. This rainforest had many trails filled with nature. We had the opportunity to see lots of wildlife, including Poison Dart Frogs, toads, and Fire Ants.

StreamOn the trails we passed a large stream that had fresh water. Allan taught us that if we were going to drink the water, we should always dig a hole next to a place where the water is stagnant, and drink the water from the hole. This is important because the water could have bacteria or parasites that would be bad for you if you drank them.

We left the rainforest and drove to our hotel, Hotel Espadilla. We unpacked for around 15 minutes, then left for dinner at El Avion, a restaurant that was built around a military airplane. After dinner, we went back to the hotel and watched the Warriors game against the Cavaliers. The Warriors ended up winning, and clinching the NBA Championship. Allan said that we would be surfing and white water rafting tomorrow. We can’t wait!


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