Blach Middle School Manuel Antonio 2015

Blach Middle School Manuel Antonio 2015 Blog #4

This entry was written by Nicholas Kikuta of Blach Middle School

Day 4

We started off today with a breakfast of pineapple juice, pancakes, fruit, and eggs. After breakfast, we went to the Canopy Tour, A.K.A. zip-lining. After the 10 to 15-minute drive to Monteverde Extremo Park, we stepped off of the bus and got our harnesses on. After a brief demonstration by a guide, we hopped onto the first zip-line. Proper technique is to keep your strong hand wrapped around the line behind you while holding onto your harness with your weak hand. After the first few lines, we were all exhilarated but also still scared of the imminent danger that came from the extreme heights and speeds.

After lots and lots of steps, we arrived at a zip-line that we could not see the end of. We each had to pick a partner to go with us because our weight was not sufficient to give us enough momentum to get all the way across to the other side of the mile long valley. When we went across, we were going fast and the wind was blowing extremely hard. The experience almost felt like standing on the roof of a moving car, with the wind blowing on your face and your hair getting blown back. After more regular zip-lines, zip-lines across the abyss, and more steps, we finally arrived at the second to last destination, the Tarzan Swing.

The Tarzan Swing was a giant bungee cord that attached to our harness that caused us to enter into a pendulum-like motion. The swing initially dropped us for about five feet, then swung us back and forth a couple times before two guides caught us and helped us off of the bungee. Everybody went on the Tarzan Swing, except for Eric, who chickened out at the last minute. Even Sr. Lopez and Mrs. Kane went on the Tarzan swing.

macawblogphotoAfter the Tarzan Swing, we went on more steps, and ended up at the top of the grand finale of the zip-lines, the Superman Zip-Line. On this line, we were not in the traditional seated position, but in a position lying down on your stomach, head first. While we descended, we felt scared and satisfied at the same time. After the first Superman Zip-Line, we were attached to another Superman Zip-Line where we were sent through a dark tunnel before emerging on the other side and finishing the tour. After the tour, we rested for a while and at the same time enjoyed the rare sight of a Red Macaw, a protected species with a variety of colors and a long, feathery tail.

For lunch, we enjoyed a variety of different meats inside of a tortilla on the premises of the tour. Also included were cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, and beans. For a dessert, we were fed fruit-flavored marshmallows drizzled in chocolate. After lunch, we went to the city of Monteverde to go shopping for a variety of souvenirs and food. We went shopping for 45 minutes before leaving to go to the Quaker Cheese Factory.

The Quakers were originally a family from Alabama who moved down to Costa Rica during the time of the Korean War. The Quakers started a successful dairy business that continues today. At the cheese factory, we were treated to ice cream by Allan and Sammy. We later went to the hotel and hung out for one or two hours. After we finished at the hotel, we went to a pizzeria called Johnny’s Pizzeria where we ordered a variety of pizzas or a spaghetti bolognese. Allan said that tomorrow, we will be visiting a school in need and a rainmaker plantation. We can’t wait!


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