Blach Middle School Manuel Antonio 2015

Blach Middle School Manuel Antonio 2015 Blog #2

This entry was written by Nicholas Kikuta of Blach Middle School

Day 2

After a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and toast, we got in the bus for a short drive to Don Juan’s Eco-farm. At this farm, they make everything that they need using natural processes. This even includes the energy which comes from methane gas.

After lunch, our group had another short drive to our next destination. We went to the ASIS Animal Rescue Center to get a tour. We saw many different animals in the shelter, but sadly many of them could not live in the wild again. For example, the spider monkeys were attached too much to humans to go back to the forest. Most of the animals were there because people had them as pets, but ended up not wanting them. It was quite sad to think about. At the end of the day, we learned not to keep wild animals as pets.

After lunch, we went shopping for a while at La Fortuna. We bought a variety of items, from whistles to shirts. After shopping, we went to a hot spring near Mount Arenal. This hot spring was a series of pools that were either cold or warm, with many water slides interspersed. It was extremely fun. Eric, Trevor, Nick, and Sam had competitions to see who could go down the slides the fastest. Eric was thrown into the air by a bump because he was going so fast. Unfortunately, our night got cut off abruptly due to a thunderstorm. The lighting and thunder continued for about an hour. We were stuck outside under a shade during the storm until Allan got us our towels and we were able to shower and dry off. Then, we went to a restaurant nearby to eat a buffet dinner of rice, beans, meat, bread, and cheesecake. A great end to a great day.


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