Head Royce Dos Costas 2014

Head Royce Dos Costas 2014 Blog #11

Written by Carolyn C. of Head Royce School

Day 11: Wednesday June 24

After a restful night of sleep, we woke up from our soft beds and packed up our bags to leave back for home. We wheeled our luggage through the hallways and to the van, where Sammy and Humberto loaded our bags onto the top for the last time. Once we ate our breakfast of delicious fresh tropical fruit and eggs, it was time to leave Costa Rica. Soon, we were at the airport, sadly saying our goodbyes to Sammy and Humberto, and to Costa Rica itself. The days we had spent there had been full of memorable moments, which we would come to cherish as our time away from Costa Rica grew longer and the beaches and forests and towns seemed worlds away from our daily lives in California. Each day spent there was utterly unforgettable, and spending it with all of our classmates made it an even more enjoyable experience.

As we boarded the plane and finally flew above Costa Rica for the last time, viewing the green countryside, blue mountains, and red corrugated metal-roofed buildings below, even if we were departing from Costa Rica and its landscape that grew smaller and smaller beneath us, my memories of the places we had been throughout the wonderful country would still remain vivid even back in the United States. Even weeks, or months afterward, the amazing activities, culture, and people that are all a part of Costa Rica will not fade quickly from our minds.


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