Dublin High Sea Turtle and Forest Ecology 2014

Dublin High Sea Turtle and Forest Ecology 2014 Blog #5

This entry was written by Adrian Loaiza of Dublin High

Costa Rica Day 5: 8/5/14
Today has been a great day for all of us! We started it out by waking up early in the morning so we could quickly eat breakfast and hit the road again. Once we ate, we hopped in the van and went for about an hour long ride to our next point of interest: White Water Rafting. We were all so excited about this! It’s so hard not to enjoy water rafting! So once we got there, we were told the rules of water rafting, strapped on our life vests, grabbed our helmets and headed towards the water with our guides. The rafts could only hold about 6 people, so we divided up into Red and Blue teams like we always do. We started out by putting the rafts in the middle of the river, and we had to climb in from there. It was a great start, because almost as soon as we got in there was a quick flowing stream ahead of us. So we rowed and rowed, fell a couple feet down every once in a while, and even got slapped in the face by the water. Considering the fact that there were two teams, there was a little rivalry going on while in the water… for example it was a race to the fast-paced moving water. Although once we got to slower waters, thats when it was time to put our paddles to good use and splash water all over the other raft.

After our rafting, we climbed back up to the van. We got some time to look at pictures that were taken, and even got some fresh pineapple! We were given some time to settle down before our next job: volunteering. Our goal today was to build a fence in front of the hatchery out of firewood and logs that we find on the beach. It’s purpose is so that later in the year when the tide really starts to come in, that it will break the tide so it doesn’t flood up, which can really mess up the goal of protecting the turtle eggs. It was really a team effort, and took all of us to make this project happen. In the end, it’s all for a good cause.

The rest of that night was really laid back. We got some down time in the pool, and all just hung out in the cabins. Nothing too big, just being with everyone to make the night worth it.


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