Dublin High Sea Turtle and Forest Ecology 2014

Dublin High Sea Turtle and Forest Ecology 2014 Blog #4

This entry was written by Adrian Loaiza of Dublin High

Costa Rica Day 4: 8/4/14
Monday. Today has been different for everyone. The reason I say that is because we all had different shifts with the hatchery. For example, it started from as early as 6 in the morning to 3 in the evening. The main idea of guarding the hatchery was to protect the turtle eggs from being attacked by crabs, ants, and even being taken by poachers. We would also throw out leaves and anything else that might have dropped in the guarded area. We guarded in groups of 2 and lasted for about 3 hours each. It was actually really nice, we got an amazing view of the ocean and it had a great breeze to it!

Our meals today were pretty good! For example, breakfast was just pancakes. Nothing too complicated, but still great! But during lunch we had rice, beans, salad, and green beans fried in egg. For dinner, we were served fried rice, beans, and salad. The fried rice was a bit of a surprise, but still amazing!

Some time after lunch, some of us went back to help with our next volunteering project. We helped pull the weeds out of the walkway, so it could look a lot nicer and more appealing. It didn’t seem like that much until we actually got down and realized an hour later we haven’t even pulled out a quarter of what was there. But we filled up about 2 1/2 crated of full on weeds, so at least something was getting done. But we weren’t over-worked. We had about an hour limit, so we wouldn’t be working all night gardening. We might have gotten dirty and even got bit by ants, but it was pretty fun for all of us.

Later that night, we went on another patrol. It was about a mile longer than last night, but the moon was shining brighter so at least we could see where we were going. We sadly didn’t get to see any sea turtles, but at least it was a good night time beach walk!


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