Dublin High Sea Turtle and Forest Ecology 2014

Dublin High Sea Turtle and Forest Ecology 2014 Blog #2

This entry was written by Adrian Loaiza of Dublin High

Day 2 of Costa Rica: 8/2/14
This morning, we woke up around 6:45 to go down for an early
breakfast. We were served eggs, toast, rice, beans, and cheese. After
taking some time to eat, we had about a half hour to pack our daypack
and head out to the primary forest location. Once we finished our hike
up, we quickly continued our forest plotting. Except this time, we
actually marked the tape that we wrapped our tree by the width and
tree number. It was all the same measurements as before, except the
two teams switched places. Red team measured the upper region, and the
blue team went down into the lower region.

After all of the groups finished plotting their data, we went on the
biggest hunt for a vine to swing off of. Nacho said that there was a
vine way up into the forest, and of course everyone wanted to go! So
we went on a 2 1/2 hour adventure through our primary forest on the
hunt for our vine. We ran into some pretty cool animals such a snakes,
frogs, a millipede, and amazing insects that just loved to bite. Once
we finally found the vine, we noticed 2 things: 1. The vine was too
thin to support all of our weight. 2.It was in too much of a dangerous
place for us to swing in. So, we decided to keep on going until we
passed by the first vine again. Once we finally reached it, we spent
about 15 minutes taking turns swinging on the vine.

Once we finished our workout in the forest, we had about a short
amount of time until we would begin to head out to the coffee
plantation. It wasn’t as expected from a plantation. Once you pull
into the driveway, you see a large factory-looking building. But on
the side, they were growing couple bushes for the coffee beans and
some avocado trees as well. We got a short tour of the factory, which
was actually pretty cool! We watched a short video on how the coffee
beans were picked, left out, and distributed to countries worldwide.
Afterwards, we strapped on our hard hats and received a tour of their
factory from our guide Gaby. We were shown all the machines used for
taking the skin off the beans, drying the beans, then bagging up the
beans. When he tour finished, we were treated to coffee of our own

Shortly after, we were given the chance to go for a swim in the local
indoor rec pool. It was nice for a public pool and everyone really
enjoyed themselves! From there we went back to our cabins where we
were given some time before we were served dinner. We were served
mashed potatoes, ribs, and salad. It was delicious! What really closed
the night was all of us getting together for a game of 20Q. What’s
left now is to pack up for the next cabin! 😀



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