Channel Islands 2014

Channel Islands 2014 Blog #5

Written by Kalei A. of Scotts Valley High

July 18, 2014

Everyone on the train!

Everyone on the train!

Today we woke up around 7:30 to have breakfast in the dining halls. Luckily, the line for breakfast was not long, but the building was super crowded. The food was very good. There were pancakes, waffles, fruit, eggs, sausage, cereal, and so much more! It was a huge buffet! It was a good way to start the day. After breakfast, we ended the day with our last activity. We went tide pooling at the Santa Barbara beach. We used grids to help us count the species in the tide pools. On a sheet of paper, we wrote down the amount of each species we saw. We then talked about beach ecology. We learned that when something is taken from the environment, it can mess up the ecosystem. After our discussion, we went back to the dorms, packed up, and checked out. Everyone had a fantastic time on this trip. This was a very fun trip and was a huge pleasure to be apart of. It was a very different experience. This trip will always be memorable.


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