Channel Islands 2014

Channel Islands 2014 Blog #4

Written by Kalei A. of Scotts Valley High

July 17, 2014 

Dolphins near our boat!

Dolphins near our boat!

This morning we woke up to a fantastic breakfast of breakfast burritos! As always, we woke up at 7 am to start our day. After breakfast, we were separated into our three groups. Each group went to either snorkel for fish ID, kayak, or do invertebrate ID. My group started out snorkeling. We had to wear wetsuits and they were so difficult to put on! When you got the wetsuits on you felt so stiff that you almost couldn’t walk! When we went into the water, it felt cold but the wet suits kept us warm! The wetsuits loosened up in the water so they were not uncomfortable anymore! We snorkeled around the rocks of the island. We saw so many different species! We saw sea anemone, sea urchins, blacksmith fish, Garibaldi, and so many others! We even saw a bat ray! It was so much fun looking at everything underwater. We were given clipboards that you could use underwater. We used the clipboards to write down what species and how many we saw of them. We certainly saw many.

When we got back to the boat, we discussed what species we saw and how many of that species. We then switched groups and my group went to the invertebrate ID area. We got to see different species of invertebrates. It was very interesting seeing the species close up. One of the coolest things we saw in the invertebrate ID was the crossbred sea urchin. It was a crossbreed of a red urchin and a crowned urchin. It was a bright red color and it was very pretty.

The sea cave in front of our boat!

The sea cave in front of our boat!

We then swapped groups and my group went kayaking. Kayaking was so much fun because we got to kayak into one of the sea caves! The water in the cave was very clear. We learned that the water in the cave is so clear because there is not much phytoplankton in it because of lack of sunlight. The cave was really pretty. The design of the rock was gorgeous. While kayaking in the cave, we saw a sea lion! After kayaking we had a delicious lunch of burgers, macaroni & cheese, potato chips, and watermelon. After lunch, we started heading back to Santa Barbara. On the way back, we saw a big pod of dolphins! The dolphins were jumping around the boat. It was so cool!

More dolphins near our boat!

More dolphins near our boat!

After a few hours, we arrived in Santa Barbara. There, we were driven to the University of Santa Barbara to go to our dorms for the night. The Santa Barbara campus is beautiful and is placed perfectly near the beach. We all checked in and were given our room keys. The dorms we stayed in were on the very top floor. The rooms were a bit small but contained two desks, two beds, and a big closet. After we settled in, we went to have dinner in the dining hall. The dining hall was so crowded! People were everywhere! There was also so much food and there was a huge selection! After dinner, we went back to the dorms and went into the lounge room and ended the day with a game of cards.


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