Channel Islands 2014

Channel Islands 2014 Blog #1

Written by Kalei A. of Scotts Valley High

July 14, 2014

Today we departed from the San Jose train station all the way to Santa Barbara. The train ride took about 8 hours in total! The train was very comfortable, though, and we played lots of card games and talked. We told stories about what we’ve done so far this summer and relaxed the majority of the time.

We arrived in Santa Barbara around 6 pm and met Scott, who is a professor in marine ecology at the University of Santa Barbara. He and his assistants drove all of us to the University of Santa Barbara and took us to the REEF, which is a room full of display tanks and touch tanks. He showed us a lot of the animals in the touch tanks. We got to hold bat stars, hermit crabs, sea cucumbers, and abalone. We learned about the five different taxonomic kingdoms which are animalia, plantae, fungi, bacteria, and protists.

We then had a dinner of pizza, salad, and lemonade. After dinner, we played a game where we had photos of marine organisms taped on our backs and we had to talk to the people around us to hint what the organisms were. It was a fun activity and allowed us to meet other people we didn’t know well. We then were taken to the wharf to finally get on our boat and get comfortable. We ended the night by playing a few rounds of cards. In all, the first day was very fun! We are all very excited to experience the fun in day 2 of our big adventure!


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