Livermore Pura Vida 2014

Livermore High Pura Vida 2014 Blog #5

Written by Monique L. of Livermore High

Day 10- Goodbyes

After saying goodbye to our dear Walter, our chauffeur, and Roy, our outstanding tour guide for this trip, we have arrived at the Costa Rican airport in San Jose. We are currently at our gate after going through security and waiting in a humongous line for getting boarding passes. Along with that we have just found out that we are not allowed to board the plane with liquids. Meaning no water and no drinks. However, snacks are allowed.

We will miss Roy and Walter dearly. Especially when Roy kept saying he was cute in a high pitched voice or when he started splash fights while white water rafting. We will also miss Walter’s poisonous insect jokes even though we didn’t know what he was saying at first and his sly but hilarious motives to make us laugh.

This trip has been so precious and we learned so much. Like how Kaitlin can sleep anywhere or that Walter has the best poker face, or even that if you try something you think you won’t like, you might actually end up liking it.

This trip will last in our memories for a lifetime. Since this will be my last official blog post, I would like to thank everyone who had a part in making it happen. And a special thanks to Señora Gonsalves, Ms. Edgar-Lee, and Susan Schai for getting us ready for this amazing trip and being there for us along the way.

Thank you everyone! Gracias por todos!


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