Livermore Pura Vida 2014

Livermore Pura Vida 2014 Blog #3

Written by Monique L. of Livermore High

Day 7

Today was mainly a travel day. We crossed over from Panama to Costa Rica. We crossed over on foot, over the bridge that holds the old railroad tracks. This bridge joins Panama and Costa Rica as it is over the natural border, the river. We are now staying in a beautiful hotel located in the jungle area near Cahuita. It has a beautiful pool and the rooms in the Goddess hotel each hold two sets of wooden bunk beds and either a twin bed or another set of bunk beds.

Today we also visited the town of Puerto Viejo. We looked around, shopped a little bit, and ate a delicious lunch. The town of Puerto Viejo is quaint and a little bit touristy.

Then after a short ride to our hotel, the Goddess Hotel, we swam in their huge, amazing pool and then shortly after it started pouring rain. It poured for more than three hours before dinner.

We spent time at the pool and played card games while listening to music. We had a lovely day!

Day 8

Today we visited the Cahuita National Reserve in Costa Rica! We took a nature hike that ran parallel to the beach. It was beautiful! We were in the jungle yet still on sand. We saw armies of leaf cutter ants and fire ants. We saw a total of eleven sloths and two of those were baby sloths clinging to their mothers. We saw five capuchin monkeys and one jumped out of the tree about a foot from us then hissed at us and climbed back up. We also saw a couple mantled howler monkeys. We saw a couple keel-billed toucans which were pretty, some lizards and chameleons and a lot of different insects. Some of the lizards we saw were the anole lizard and the emerald basilisk, and we saw a couple iguanas in the trees too.

After the nature hike we ate lunch at a great restaurant on the beach and we found a swinging bench suspended from the trees that hung right over the edge of the water. We could not go snorkeling because a storm had come in last night and churned everything up while another one was on its way. There were also too many riptides to even swim at the beach in Cahuita.

So we just settled into our hotel for a night’s rest instead.


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