Livermore Pura Vida 2014

Livermore Pura Vida 2014 Blog #2

Written by Monique L. of Livermore High

Day 4- On the Road & Zip-lining

Did you know that when Costa Rica plays a game in the World Cup, the whole country is under executive orders from the Costa Rican president to close every store for 2 hours to watch the game?

Today we traveled to the Caribbean side of the country. We left at 7 and arrived around 1. We were all very sad to leave our host families. The drive was long but beautiful and we listened to the game on our bus’ radio. We stopped in the other major district of cities in Costa Rica to buy soccer jerseys. In the middle of the city in the plaza there was a stage with a Jumbotron on it and there were hundreds of people ready to watch the game against Italy. Even though Italy was favored Costa Rica won 1-0. On the way to the Caribbean side, one of our bus’ rear tires blew out. We pulled over at a family’s home and they helped us change the tire. While we were waiting, the little girl of the family who was about 5 years old was talking to us and showing us her pet dog that was really sweet and friendly. The dog’s name was Jackie.

We also went zip-lining in the forest. It was much warmer than it was at the home stays and not as dark and cloudy either. We saw two monkeys, a sloth, a poison dart frog, and a few bullet ants. The land is so green here. It’s a nice change from the Livermore hills, which are already dry and gold. We are at the hotel for the night in Cahuita. Off to dinner!

Day 5- Panama

Today was fun! We got to cross over into Panama on foot, have some down time, and work with a local seashell artist. We had a choice to make either a bracelet, a key chain, or earrings. It was really neat.

When we traveled into Panama it was an older customs area. It was really cool. The border is actually a river. We had to cross the river by foot along a bridge made for the railroad. It was so beautiful. Then we had to take a short ride in our buses to a boat taxi that took us to Bocas Del Toro. It was a 45 minute boat ride to Bocas but we got to see all the little villages along the water. Oh! And the water is so clear you can see all the way to the bottom. We spotted starfish and other creatures really easily.

The water is a bright but clear blue-green color. It’s perfect! We are off to dinner soon so adios por la noche!

Day 6- Snorkeling

Today we spent the day snorkeling. We saw jellyfish and many reef fish. We also learned about coral’s defense mechanism, poisonous bubbles. We also swam through sea grass, a plant that is a necessity for life on the ocean floor, and saw many sea cucumbers. The Caribbean ocean was so warm and clear! I have never seen water so clear.

Some of us got a little sunburned even though we used tons of sunscreen! We were all very tired by the end of the day. And tomorrow we are off to Costa Rica again! We are having so much fun!


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