Livermore Pura Vida 2014

Livermore Pura Vida 2014 Blog #1

Written by Monique L. of Livermore High

Day 1- Airport

Hey everyone!

We are currently at our gate in Houston. Leah has been trying to figure out the new GoPro accessories while some of us played mini ping pong and made new friends. We are all pretty tired but some of us did sleep on the flight here. We will be in Costa Rica soon!

Day 2 and 3- Fundacion Nubotropica & Coffee Tour


Today we went to Nubotropica, a nature reserve, and learned many things. We learned how to plot and measure the circumference of a tree and how to make a scaled drawing of the tree plot. We also learned that 92% of Costa Ricans have never seen a soldier and that 38% is under ecological protection. Their goal is to put 45% of the land under ecological protection.

While we were at Nubotropica, Ari put Tapatio sauce in her sister Chloe’s coffee. When she figured it out, Chloe ran outside to dump the coffee. She ended up accidentally pouring it on the venomous snake Masten saw earlier that day. She screamed and we all ran to take pictures. We are also at our home stay right now and are having a blast speaking Spanish.

Moving on to the food. It is out of this world! Rice and beans are definitely a staple food here. And my roommate Emily and I tried a bright yellow vegetable called chayote. It was surprisingly sweet. At the reserve we had a delicious lunch with a dessert of guava in cinnamon sugar water. It was really sweet.

Everyone has been drinking tap water because that same water is actually being put into bottles nearby.

And on the way back to our home stay, the girls in the back of the bus were giggling really hard, and they started saying “maybe we had too much coffee.” And “I have to deal with her tonight? She’s so hyper!” Then we were back at our home stays.



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